The Sound of a McMaster-Carr Catalog – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/28/19

Tested producer Joey Fameli is in the office today and joins us to talk about our recent trip to New York, the Academy Awards, McMaster-Carr catalogs, and making pizza! Plus, more love for The Good Place!

PREMIUM – Let’s Build: Wargaming Fallout Shelter, Part 3

The team overcomes a few hiccups in the build and complete their respective sections, and it’s time to start joining the modules. We’re continued to be impressed by the design of this laser cut kit, which even can be populated by 3d printed decor. Next up, the big finale!

PREMIUM – Let’s Build: Wargaming Fallout Shelter, Part 2

Now that we’ve gotten a sense of how the Black Site Studio laser cut kits come together, the team divys up the rest of the ARK fallout shelter set to being assembling individual modules. Norm runs into a hiccup with a missing piece, Sean demonstrates some on-the-spot problem solving, and Jeremy discovers the wonders of glue accelerant!

Prototype Toys and Vintage Collectibles Showcase

We visit Prop Store to get a closer look at the many vintage pop culture toys and colletible ephemera going on auction later this week. From wax sculpts to one of a kind artwork for toy packages, we revisit the toys of our childhood, preserved and professionally graded for collecting and display. Check out the catalog of what will go on auction!

PREMIUM – Let’s Build: Wargaming Fallout Shelter, Part 1

Jeremy, Sean, and Norm try their hand at a new kind of build kit: laser-cut modular terrain for use with tabletop wargaming. This set is from Black Site Studio, and is a miniature fallout shelter made for use with the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare game. Let’s break open the package and see how the pieces come together!

That’s a Good Gasket – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/21/19

Kishore guests this week and joins Adam and Will in discussing thermal mugs, microwaving grapes, and the book Ball Lighting by Cixin Liu (author of the Three Body Problem). Plus, getting emotional about math and Apollo footage.