Show and Tell: Classic Science-Fiction Television Hand Props!

We continue our dive into the world of classic television props and costumes from Prop Store’s upcoming TV Treasures auction with a look into a few hand props and blasters from shows like Star Trek, Buck Rodgers, Planet of the Apes, and V. Some of these have held up very well over the years, and it’s awesome to even see some electronics still working!

Episode 477 – An Affront to Science – 11/29/18

Everyone’s back from their Thanksgiving travels as we hear about visiting national monuments, sharing VR experiences with family, and reactions to the black friday deals. Plus, our thoughts on the demise of the Chevy Volt, new movie trailers, and CRISPR news.

PREMIUM – Model Behavior: Assembling Bill’s Replicant Blaster!

Bill brings to our office the culmination of a big project: a scratch-modeled interpretation of the Blade Runner blaster prop that he’s turned into a kit. We assemble this Replicant Blaster kit to show how it all comes together with real hardware (no glue!) and mechanical action (those darn springs!) Follow along to celebrate Bill’s incredible prop-building achievement!

Show and Tell: Batman (1966) Props and Costumes

Several pieces of timeless television history pay a visit to our studio this week as Prop Store gives us a preview of their upcoming TV Treasures auction. Brandon from Prop Store lets us get close up with some props and costumes from the 1966 Batman show, and we learn how these pieces were saved and preserved in the Comisar Collection.

The Suitcase Episode – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/28/18

Adam, Will, and Norm are all back this week to hear about Adam’s visit to NASA JPL for the InSight landing, our Thanksgiving celebrations, and a spoiler-filled discussion about episode of The Americans featuring a suitcase.

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Mortal Engines Hand Cannon!

Adam has just returned from New Zealand, where he met with some of the prop makers for the upcoming film Mortal Engines. Using their designs, Adam makes a replica of the character Anna Fang’s striking sidearm, showing paint and weathering techniques to make this piece look at home in the movie’s striking world!

Weta Digital’s Visual Effects in Mortal Engines!

Adam Savage visits Weta Digital in New Zealand, where the award-winning visual effects company is working on the upcoming film Mortal Engines. In this in-depth conversation with Visual Effects Supervisor Ken McGaugh and Animation Supervisor Dennis Yoo, we learn about the engineering complexities of creating the epic cities seen in the film.

Season for Trees – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/20/18

Adam and Will are joiend by Kayte Sabicer this week to talk about their plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Adam’s preproduction for his next show, and making things out of tree stumps. Plus, a few new competition show recommendations.