Assembling the 2,500 Piece 3D-Printed Sculpture!

At this year’s Nation of Makers conference, Adam Savage meets up with Jen Schachter and Todd Blatt to help with their latest We the Builders project: a sculpture of Rosie the Riveter comprised of over 2,500 3D-printed parts! The parts were crowdsourced from makers all around the world, and the assembly is truly a team effort. Find out more about the process and get involved at

Episode 464 – Unprotected Left Turns – 8/30/18

This week, we discuss reports of autonomous driving difficulties, early hints at Disney’s streaming service, Nikon’s new mirrorless cameras, and a science video that has us squirming. Plus, we hit 4 million subscribers on YouTube! Thanks so much for watching our stuff!

Show and Tell: 2001 EVA Pod Model Kit!

2001: A Space Odyssey fans are in for a treat! We go hands-on with the Discovery EVA Pod model kit from Moebius Models, an 1/8th scale miniature we first saw at Comic-Con. It’s an impressive styrene kit that’s much bigger than we imagined, and we show its details side-by-side with the 12th-scale Atomic City garage kit released almost a decade ago.

Knowing Your Work’s Worth – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/28/18

Prop and costume fabricator (and regular Tested contributor) Bill Doran joins us for this week’s podcast! Bill’s in town filming some videos with us, and we chat about his origin story, today’s cosplay culture, valuing your work, and his plans for Dragoncon!

Artist Sabin Howard’s National World War I Memorial Sculpture

Adam meets sculptor Sabin Howard, who is working on a sculpture that will be a national momument to the First World War. In the process of designing the memorial for review, Sabin worked with Weta Workshop to create a scale model of the proposed sculpture, and walks Adam through the story it tells.

PREMIUM – One Week at Weta Workshop, Part 6

A full week of work comes together as we go on set to shoot the short film! Half the team heads to Weta Workshop for early morning creature makeup, while the production crew and Adam go on location to begin filming. There’s lot of problem-solving in the moment to get all of our shots, and both Peter Jackson and Richard Taylor visit the set to lend some advice.