PREMIUM – Ask Adam Anything: Learning from the Internet

Every week, Adam takes a question from the Tested Premium Member community in the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage) and answers here. This week, Adam gets a question about a specific woodworking project, and uses the opportunity to talk about how he learns and finds answers online, oftentimes in youtube videos. It involves what he calls the rumpelstiltskin method.

Hands-On with PlayStation VR Games at E3 2018!

We wrap up our coverage of VR games at this year’s E3 with recaps of demos from the PlayStation booth. Jeremy and Norm play and share their impressions of the action shooter Blood & Truth, the revamped puzzler The Tetris Effect, and an adorable platformer in Astro Bot: Rescue Mission!

PREMIUM – Making The Knights of Ren Cosplay, Part 1

For this year’s Silicon Valley Comic Con, Adam invited prop builder Darrell Maloney (aka Broken Nerd) to San Francisco to spend the week collaborating with him on his cosplay. Their idea: to create the Knights of Ren characters that were only briefly seen in The Force Awakens. Darrell kicks things off with his 3D modeling of the helmets, and brings the prints to the cave for a packed week of building. Let’s follow along!

Hands-On with Lightform Projection Mapping!

Projection mapping is one of the coolest visual technologies that so far has been out of reach for consumers. Lightform is hoping to change that with its projector-mounted scanner and software. We get our hands on the Lightform device to see how it maps objects and environments in front of it–like a replica movie prop–and go through the software to learn how to create striking augmented visuals on top of the real world.

Episode 455 – Let’s Talk Baby Tech – 6/28/18

We record an early podcast this week before Norm leaves for New York, and discuss Apple’s keyboard concession, the Echo Combat beta, and Mario Tennis Aces. Plus, a deep dive into the baby tech that looms in Norm’s future, with sage advice from Jeremy and Kishore.

Perfect vs. Right – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/26/18

The week before leaving for an artist residency, Adam talks about the difference between making a prop replica look “perfect” and making it look “right.” Kishore also guests to discuss NYC travel recommendations, mentalism, and magic shows. Plus, some details about Raiders of the Lost Ark that we never knew!

PREMIUM – Model Behavior: Making Custom Wood Blaster Grips!

Bill’s back for another Fusion 360 tutorial in our shop! This week, we step up to modeling more complex shapes with the making of wooden grips for the Dave Goldberg snub-nosed Blade Runner blaster prop. And these grips are going to be milled in a CNC machine instead of 3D-printed!

PROJECTIONS, Episode 52: MIX Augmented Reality Headset Prototype!

We go hands-on with a prototype of the MIX augmented reality headset, which boasts a 96-degree field of view. Chatting with AntVR’s CEO, we learn how the optics in MIX works and what their plans are for the MIX in both AR and VR. Plus, we demo two upcoming PSVR games: Ghost Giant and Trover Saves the Universe!

Not That Falcon Build – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/22/18

Adam shares stories from his trip to the Nation of Makers conference, where he helped assemble a massive 3D printed sculpture. We also learn about his recent revisiting of his Maltese Falcon replica build, as well as his trip to the Onewheel factory. Plus, a weird theory connecting Predator and Home Alone.