PREMIUM – Challenge Accepted: Drifting with Zoe Bell, Part 1

We’re thrilled to debut a project with the inimitable Zoe Bell, actress and stunt performer from some of our favorite films like Kill Bill, Death Proof, and Thor: Ragnarok! In this series, Zoe takes on the challenge of learning to drift a stunt car–a physically and mentally demanding skill she’s yet to learn. Zoe embarks on the journey of developing this skill using the maxim of SODOTO: See One, Do One, Teach One. The first step: getting a feel for the car on the test track with Adam Savage.

Episode 451 – Let’s Talk About Solo – 5/31/18

Effects fabricator and Tested contributor Kayte Sabicer joins us this week for a big discussion on Solo: A Star Wars Story and the latest in pop culture, technology, and virtual reality! Note: when the background lights turn green, spoilers are in effect!

How the Prosthesis Exoskeleton Mech Works

We get a demo of Prothesis, the exoskeleton mech suit designed by Jonathan Tippett and his team. This 8000 pound mech is directly controlled by Jonathan using his arms and legs, without any stabilizing gimbals or gyros. Jonathan explains how he has to essentially relearn to crawl in the Prosthesis, and we see and hear this massive machine lumber across a parking lot.

PREMIUM – Model Behavior: Creating a Bronze Finish

We’ve used Rub ‘n Buff on Tested before to give objects metallic finishes, and this week, Bill Doran takes us through the process of turning two garage kits to bronze. We chose these two kits for the differences in their sculpts: one an organic skull and the other a piece of armor. Here’s how a wax metallic finish can bring out the details in your paint work.

We Check Out Dremel’s DigiLab Laser Cutter

We check out Dremel’s new DigiLab hobby laser cutter, their first forray into the personal laser cutter space. This device is Dremel’s take on the Full Spectrum Laser Muse cutter, with their own software, testing, and support. We take a look at its operation, cooling unit, and chat about concerns like laser lifespan and safety.