The Stop-Motion Puppets of Aardman Animations!

Adam Savage visits Aardman Animations’ workshop to get up close with some of the beautiful stop-motion animation puppets used in the studio’s upcoming film Early Man. Aardman senior model maker Jimmy Young walks us through some of the modelmaking processes that go into these puppets’ sculpts, clothes, and armatures!

PROJECTIONS, Episode 37: HTC Vive Pro Hands-On!

Our weekly show covering the fast-developing world of virtual and augmented reality technologies is back! To kick off 2018, we visit HTC’s San Francisco office to try the HTC Vive Pro headset, a surprise announcement at this year’s CES that improves video resolution, audio quality, and ergonomic design. Here’s how it compares with the original Vive.

Episode 433 – The Future of Shoplifting – 1/25/18

Norm’s back from New Zealand this week to share some stories about aerial photography, and the gang discusses Nintendo Labo, reckless Apple rumors, and Amazon’s experimental grocery store. Plus, GPU shortages, Duke Nukem, and a Moment of Science!

Week at Weta Workshop! – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/23/18

During our visit to Weta Workshop, we’re joined by the company’s CEO and Creative Director, Richard Taylor, to talk about how Weta has grown and evolved over the years, the ambitious projects they’ve taken on, and what continues to inspires him.