How the Sausage Was Made – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/31/17

Kishore joins us this week to recap the recent Tested live show and give us a sense of how he puts together the annual Bay Area Science Festival. We talk about some memorable segments from the show and what the audience didn’t see. Plus, Adam shows his mom select episodes of Master of None, and we discuss our halloween plans!

Adam Savage Explores the Props of Blade Runner 2049!

Before Adam Savage watched Blade Runner 2049, he stepped behind the scenes of the film’s secretive production and visited the prop department where prop master Doug Harlocker and his team built intricate hand props, weapons, and futuristic wearable devices. Doug walks Adam through the some of these hero and stunt props, including many that you may now recognize. Very minor spoilers within!

PREMIUM – Adam Savage’s King Arthur Armor Build, Part 2

How does a large flat sheet of alunimum turn into a full suit of shining armor? Like the making of a bespoke suit, it all begins with patterning. Terry measures Adam and guides him through the drawing of beautiful patterns and cutting out the raw shapes of metal by hand.

Costume Changes – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/27/17

On the day before our live show, we check in with Adam about his recent trip to London emceeing Michael Giacchino’s concert birthday event, and his follow-up trip to New York to perform on The Late Show! Plus, we discuss David Fincher’s new show Mindhunter.

PROJECTIONS, Episode 28: Hardlight VR Haptics Suit!

We’re still in the early days, but haptics are a technology that we really want in virtual reality. We put on Hardlight VR haptics suit for demos in our studio, and chat with the company’s founder about the challenges of full-body force feedback. Plus, we go hands-on with the new Killing Floor: Incursion game mode and recommend two new VR games.

Adam Savage and Vsauce’s Michael Stevens Geek Out Over Watches

Michael from Vsauce stops by Adam’s cave to geek out over wrist watches! Both Adam and Michael are timepiece enthusiasts, and share with each other a few favorites from their respective collections. They could go on about horology for hours! See Adam and Michael this fall on their Brain Candy tour! For tickets and info, visit

PREMIUM – Adam Savage’s King Arthur Armor Build, Part 1

Adam arrives at the home and workshop of Terry English, the famed armorer who made over 100 suits of armor for John Boorman’s Excalibur, the Colonial Marine armor for James Cameron’s Aliens, and memorable costumes for countless other films. Adam learns Terry’s orign story, studies the anatomy of armor, and begins a week of apprenticeship under Terry.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Messenger Droid Cosplay!

In partnership with EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II, we made a cosplay of the Messenger Droid character for New York Comic Con! Frank and his team took on the challenge of bringing this imposing character to life, simulating its distinct holographic head with beautiful practical effects. The resulting effect was stunning! (This video was sponsored by Electronic Arts.)