Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: $30 Blade Runner Blaster

Adam shows us his newest Blade Runner blaster replica–and one that only costs $30. This model by Elfin Knights is actually a water pistol, and an impressively modeled one at that! Replica prop builders and cosplayers have already started modifying this toy to give it some heft and realistic paint finishes. And of course, Adam has to test its water blasting capability!

The Order of Operations – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/22/17

Tested’s own Jeremy Williams joins us this week chat about how we each watched the recent Eclipse, Adam’s latest machining projects, and how we plan out the order of operations for our own projects. Plus, an appreciation for HBO’s documentary series The Defiant Ones!

Tested’s Simone Giertz Goes to CERN!

Tested’s Simone Giertz explores CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider and incredible particle detector experiments. We trek 80 meters underground into the cavern home of the ATLAS experiment, visit the CERN computing center, and learn how much particle collision data is being generated and processed by these experiments to help us better understand the universe.

Adam Savage’s Maker Tour: MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (Part 4)

Adam concludes his tour of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms with the demonstration of some macro technologies, including a folding machine that can take a single, flat sheet of renewable material and turn it into “a 3D form with tunable elasticity for the modulus.” Prepare to have your head blown! (This series and tour is made possible by The Fab Foundation and Chevron.)

PROJECTIONS, Episode 21: Valve’s “Knuckles” Controllers, FOO VR Demo!

For this special episode of Projections, we finally get our hands on Valve’s prototype SteamVR “Knuckles” controllers! FOO VR’s Will Smith stops by to give us a demo of this experimental interaction model and shows us what he’s been working on at FOO and virtual reality TV shows. It’s super cool!

Adam Savage’s New Thracian Warrior Armor!

A massive box filled with packing peanuts and voluminous zip-lock bags just arrived at the cave! That can only mean one thing: time for the unveiling of Adam’s newest costume acquisition from Prop Store. This costume has it all: armor, a helmet, shield, sword, and spear–and it’s all gorgeously made for a big budget film.