PROJECTIONS, Episode 8: Dexmo’s VR Haptic Exoskeleton

In this episode of Projections, Jeremy and Norm discuss how hand presence has presented itself to consumers over the past three years of virtual reality hardware. We get a demo of Dexmo, a wireless exoskeleton controller that tracks individual fingers and promises to provide haptic feedback to let you actually feel objects in VR. Jeremy chats with Dexta Robotics’ CEO about challenges to haptics technology and how they’re tackling the problem.

Last Jedi Trailer and Passengers SPOILERCAST – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 4/20/17

Recording later in the week, Adam, Will, and Norm catch up on Star Wars Celebration’s reveal of The Last Jedi’s teaser trailer, drop some Pete Seeger knowledge, and dive into a Spoilercast discussion of the recent film Passengers. Plus, we get excited for Silicon Valley Comic Con and the Science March this weekend!

PREMIUM – Simone Giertz’s Shoulder Brushing Hands–It Might Work!

Simone’s newest robot build is one specifically made for an upcoming event–the annual Shorty awards in New York City. Since she’s nominated for an award, Simone plans on attending with a robot that helps brush her shoulder–like it’s no big deal. But designing the arm and hand to move the way she wants is no easy feat!

Darren Moser’s Life-Size K-2SO Droid Puppet!

We meet Darren Moser, a Star Wars costume and prop builder who’s been working on a life-size K-2SO from Rogue One. His version of the droid is meant to be puppeted, and Darren demonstrates the joint and linkage systems he’s using to bring this character to life. Follow along his K-2SO build at the Replica Prop Forum!

PREMIUM – This Old FX Shop: Underwater Miniature Cities

Inspired by the work of a Japanese modelmaker (whose blog is here), Frank and Norm build miniature dioramas of submerged dystopian cities! Follow along as we take off the shelf scale-model cityscapes and transform them into moody resin-encased displays. It’s a project you can do at home!