Shop Tips: How To Properly Clean Your Paint Brushes

Frank shows us his workflow and tips for keeping his paint brushes clean after using them, including what cleaners to use and how different types of brushes can be treated differently. Whether you run a large workshop or just work out of your garage, we want to hear your shop tips that you rely on in your projects. Post them in the comments below!

Episode 383 – Switch! – 1/19/17

Kishore and Jeremy are joined by Steve Lin to discuss the Nintendo Switch announcements, Google’s custom security chips, newfangled technological doctors offices, and Steve’s epic trip to Japan. All this in addition to your Moment of Science, the VR Minute, and What We’ve Been Testing!

How MegaBots Will Let You Build Your Own Giant Fighting Robot!

MegaBots’ creators want you to be able to one day build your own giant fighting robot. But how is that possible? Simone and Norm visit the MegaBots headquarters to learn how their latest prototype–now equipped with giant steel knives–is the next step to proving that the dream of making your own giant robot is real.

Shot by Adam Isaak and edited by Jay Cisneros

Shit’s Gotten Real, Yo – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/17/17

While Norm’s on vacation, Adam and Will are joined by Janet Varney to discuss the ongoing San Francisco Sketchfest comedy festival, Adam’s trip to Obama’s farewell address, Sam Rockwell, and a whole lot more.

Adam Savage’s Apollo A7L Spacesuit Replica!

Adam gives a tour of his Apollo A7L spacesuit replica, made by industrious suit builder Ryan Nagata. The attention to detail and fabrication techniques make this suit one of Adam’s favorites in his collection. You may have seen Adam wear this spacesuit in the final season of Mythbusters!

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli