Scoring Films – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/14/16

This week, Adam shares the story of a recent fantasy camp of sorts he attended. He was invited to watch one of the scoring sessions for the new Star Trek Beyond film, which brought to light the talent of the musicians who play the scores behind our favorite films and TV shows.

PREMIUM – Star Trek Fan Event Outtakes

While we were on the Paramount lot for the recent Star Trek Fan Event, we saw producers recording with GoPro’s 360-degree Odyssey camera rig. We were all set up to do an interview with them about their use of the rig, but technical difficulties kept getting in the way. Since we’ll never publish this footage on YouTube, here it is as an outtake for you guys!

My Shop When I Was 20

This is me at 20, in my small studio on Carroll St. in Park Slope, Brooklyn, right off of Prospect Park. I was single for much of the time I lived here, and I remember getting a lot done. I learned about alginate about this time from a special effects company a friend was working for.

I also learned that New York Central Art Supply sold plaster bandages in bulk. So I bought 20 pounds. I made castings with alginate and plaster all over the place. I cast my face, my ears, props I’d made. I remember pulling a lot of hair out getting myself out of my various molds.

I was living there for free, illegally warehousing the place for the landlord, who was a collector of my father’s paintings. I finally got kicked out over an incident involving an escaped snake, but I’d rather not discuss that.

Adam Savage Meets Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest!

Dutch artist Theo Jansen brings his Strandbeest creatures to San Francisco to walk along our coast! Adam has been fascinated by these giant PVC-constructed machines for a long time, and finally gets up close to meet one in person and chat with its creator. Watch how the Strandbeest strolls across the sand!

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
Music by Jinglepunks

Adam’s Maker Faire Talk – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/7/16

Due to some travelling this week, we’re releasing Adam’s 2016 Maker Faire talk and Q&A in podcast format for those who couldn’t make the event or haven’t watched the video yet. We’ll be back next week with an episode from the cave. Thanks!