PREMIUM – Tested Builds: Fallout 4 Mini Nuke Kit, Part 5

Huge success! This week’s project turned out beautifully, and we each come away with a different style of weathering and finish for the Fallout 4 Mini Nuke. Thanks for watching along this week and stay tuned for another week of building in the coming weeks! You’re going to like the next kit we tackle!

PREMIUM – Adam Savage’s Bridgeport Mill Upgrades!

In the short time since Adam has received his new mill, he’s already been making custom upgrades to integrate it into his shop workflow. Here’s a tour of the upgrades installed so far, what’s in progress, and how having a mill changes the way Adam things about designing his builds.

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

Episode 344 – The Inmates Are In Charge – 3/24/2016

Jeremy, Kishore, and Will are in charge, with Norm halfway around the world. Topics discussed include the first Silicon Valley Comic-Con, this week’s Apple event, Boston Dynamics for sale, the process for Tesla Model 3 pre-orders, and the last pre-Oculus Rift VR Minute. Enjoy!

How To Build a $1000 Virtual Reality Gaming PC

It’s been too long since we’ve built a PC! We bring back illustrious technology journalist Loyd Case to talk about the state of computer hardware, the technical requirements of VR rendering, and then put together a $1000 virtual reality-ready gaming PC! Here’s how to build a computer from scratch in seven steps. (This is the PC we’ve been using for all of our VR testing!)

Shot by Joey Fameli and edited by Norman Chan

PREMIUM – Tested Builds: Fallout 4 Mini Nuke Kit, Part 3

The interior of the model is assembled! Now it’s time to consider how we’re going to paint the exterior. Frank lays out a technique for weathering that may suit this model really well. It involves the use of toothpaste! (Follow along the rest of the week by joining the Tested Premium member community!)