Making Adam Savage’s Admiral Ackbar Cosplay Costume

Every year at Comic-Con, Adam walks through the convention floor disguised in costume. This year, he went as a very uniquely regal version of Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars. In Adam’s Cave before SDCC, we examine the Ackbar mask before it’s completed and explain its design, creation, and conversion into a wearable piece of cosplay.

Episode 180 – Explain Doctor Who – 8/8/2013

Gary returns to explain the import of the selection of the 12th Doctor Who, Norm learns about the modern waterpark, and Will explores the zipper method. All that, plus the latest on Oculus VR, what’s in the Xbox One box, Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post, and a $200 sous vide Kickstarter. Enjoy!

Practical Special Effects – 8/6/2013

This week, Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the legacy of practical special effects in film, their resurgence, and talk about the magazine Cinefex’s place in the history of special effects (both practical and digital). We also discuss the Kickstarter for the digital version of Cinefex (