Episode 88 – Miles Per Hour – 10/20/2011

On this week’s episode, Will has trouble with the latest Nexus’ name, Gary reminisces about OCTOBERKAST, and Norm has problems with Wi-Fi. All that, plus the latest on Motorola’s Droid RAZR, the Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, the Ice Cream Sandwich announcement, and another edition of fake outtakes. Enjoy!

OCTOBERKAST #11 – Enter Chloe Bananas – 10/15/2011

In our final segment, Jeff Gerstmann and Darren Gladstone swing by and have a surprisingly serious conversation about the games industry, games journalism, and other serious business. Then Chloe shows up and the whole thing goes to shit. Most importantly, we raised $50,000 for Child’s Play, which is AMAZING! Thanks for listening, donating, and supporting OCTOBERKAST! We’ll see you guys next year!

OCTOBERKAST #10 – In Which We Fully Appreciate the Implications of the Word Penultimate – 10/15/2011

With four hours to go, our intrepid heroes take calls, experiment with vitamin B12, and get jacked up on Red Bull. I’m pretty sure Rorie and Jeff appear at some point, as well.

OCTOBERKAST #9 – Lessons Learned at 6AM – 10/15/2011

I’ll be perfectly frank. I don’t remember a single thing that happened during this episode. The sun came up and we might have announced OCTOBERKAST 2012. Gary marvels at the technological marvel that is the telephone. Will rants hard. Pretty sure Wes and Lucas stopped by too!

OCTOBERKAST #7 – After Midnight – 10/15/2011

Chaos continues to reign as we cross the halfway point. Patrick Klepek is there, drunk people are around. Dave and Norm quaff Black Blood of the Earth, and I’m pretty sure Dave sees a dragon in this episode. Alexis suddenly disappears and Robbie Baldwin talks about Area 51. Static clears up about 10 minutes in.

OCTOBERKAST #6 – Yeah, You Can Curse Here – 10/14/2011

Will, Norm, Gary, and Patrick are joined by Tekzilla’s Veronica Belmont, who leads off with a seemingly innocent question. Then Brad Shoemaker takes a seat, Dave’s sister Karen makes an appearance, and things are poised to get Double Fine.