Episode 81 – So, We Went to Pax – 8/30/2011

On this week’s show, Norm answers an unanswerable question, Gary is afraid of ducks, and Will talks really really fast. All that, plus what we tested at PAX and another episode of fake outtakes. This show is dedicated to Theros the Enforcer and @Rufo, without whom it wouldn’t exist. Enjoy!

Episode 80 – Not the Best Week to Record Early – 8/25/2011

On this week’s episode, we don’t talk about Steve Jobs resigning from Apple because we recorded it on Wednesday morning due to PAX. We’ll talk about Steve on this Sunday’s episode, at PAX. I promise. On this show, we talked about the TouchPad firesale, Sony’s S1, Rdio’s family plan, Sonic.Net’s fiber service at Stanford, and a whole lot more. We also had fake outtakes. Sorry again that we missed the Apple thing.

Episode 79 – 48 Days Later – 8/18/2011

On the biggest news week ever, Gary talks about saving money at the grocery, Will explains the problem with storage units, and Norm smuggles booze into a concert. All that, plus HP kills WebOS, Google buys Motorola, a new way for AT&T to screw you, fake outtakes, and a whole lot more!

Episode 78 – All-American Edition – 8/11/2011

On this week’s Listener’s Choice episode, Will expounds on the merits of sliced pork sandwiches, Norm explains the meaning of rolled up sleeves, and first-time podcastee Wes Fenlon tells the straight truth about Atlanta. All that, plus the latest on the HP TouchPad price drop, the inside story on the Kindle Cloud Reader, the problem with paper receipts, developers complaints about the Amazon App Store, and another episode of fake outtakes. Enjoy!

Episode 77 – Gary’s Back – 8/4/2011

On this week’s episode, Gary gives a lesson about balls, Norm does a live test of the MacBook Air’s battery, and Will desperately tries to keep the show on track. All that, plus the latest on the new BlackBerries, HBO Go on consoles, AppleTV’s new streaming capabilities, the problem with Instagram, and fake outtakes.