Episode 72 – Meet Geraldine – 6/30/2011

On this week’s episode, Norm builds a Makerbot Thing-o-Matic, Will checks in with the arborist, Gary shares a pro-tip and Ana is impressed by Google+. All that, plus the full scoop on the MySpace sale, the launch of Google+, the early HP TouchPad reviews, the upcoming Roku boxes, and a whole lot more on this action packed edition of This is Only a Test. Also, fake outtakes.

Episode 71 – The Tree Always Wins – 6/23/2011

On this very special Listener’s Choice episode, Will battles a tree and loses, Norm discusses freezing his jeans, and Gary lists his favorite Vegas buffet. All that, plus the possible Hulu sale, the Nokia N9 and Windows Phone 7 phones, Apple television rumors, Google vs. the FTC, US patent number 7,966,578, and another scintillating episode of fake outtakes.

Episode 70 – Rise of the Erogenous Cloud – 6/16/2011

On this week’s episode Gary imagines what happens after the Singularity, Norm explores an exclusive Venn diagram, Ana expresses meme expertise, and Will walks Gary through iOS 5. All that, plus the latest news on the new Kinect SDK, Google’s Instant Pages, iPad HD rumors, the successor to the Logitech MX518, TiVo’s newest DVR, and another edition of fake outtakes. Enjoy!

Episode 69 – The Perfect Podcast Storm – 6/9/2011

This week, Gary plays golf with Wil Wheaton, Norm expresses his love for the Wii U, and Will declares himself ruler of all he surveys. Plus, the latest on Windows 8, the Sony Vita, the state of the 3DS, iOS 5, OS X Lion, iCloud, the new Xbox interface, and another edition of fake outtakes on this week’s extra-long episode of This is Only a Test.

Episode 68 – Dueling Conferences – 6/2/2011

On this week’s episode, Norm reveals a social blind spot, Gary wears a boring shirt, and Will loses his cool. All that, plus the latest talk from D9, Computex, the Tabfone, grilled cheese sandwiches, Google’s social failings, WWDC keynote speculation, and another edition of fake outtakes, on this week’s This is Only a Test.