Episode 54 – You Can’t Buy That In Canada – 2/24/2011

Another week of wonderful things hits, and the gang talks about the hot new Android gear from Motorola (the Atrix and Xoom), plus Apple’s updated MacBook Pro line, Intel’s Thunderbolt tech, the imminent iPad 2 announcement, and Windows 7 Service Pack 1. All that, plus fake outtakes on this week’s episode of This is Only a Test!

Episode 53 – We’re Not in Barcelona – 2/17/2010

The WAN crew talks about all the hot news from Mobile World Congress, including the latest on Honeycomb tablets, the next generation of Android phones, the Nokia/Microsoft deal, and HTC’s Facebook phone. All that, plus the latest iPhone 5 rumors, Watson on Jeopardy, and Sony’s response to the PS3 hack on this week’s episode!