Episode 50 – SKULLTRAIL! – 1/27/2011

This week Will, Norm, and Gary are joined by a special guest to talk about Sony and Nintendo’s next-gen handheld consoles, handicap the 3DS and NGP’s chances, and talk about how they’ll affect phone gaming. All that, plus Nvidia’s latest GeForce, reader questions, and fake outtakes on this week’s edition of This is Only a Test

Episode 49 – The REAL Problem with Dyson Spheres – 1/20/2011

This week, the gang talks about the future of Apple, the iPad 2, HP’s WebOS tablets, price and date for the Nintendo 3DS, the saga of the Samsung Galaxy S phones, and exciting news about Google Voice. All that, plus fake outtakes on this week’s episode.

Episode 46 – The Best Vegas Podcast Ever – 1/8/2011

On today’s show, the gang stays remarkably on focus talking about CES with minimal off-topicness. Lots of talk for glasses-free 3D, Sony’s Geordi LaForge goggles, booth tours with the big TV manufacturers, Internet connected TVs, and the latest Verizon iPhone rumors. Enjoy! (This podcast was originally recorded during the 1/7/2011 CES livestream)

Episode 45 – Late Night From Las Vegas – 1/7/2011

On tonight’s special CES spectacular, Will, Norm, Ana, and Matt are joined by Gary Whitta and special guest Kristen Salvatore to talk about the problem with 3D TVs, the pros and cons of Android tablets and the Blackberry Playbook, apps on TVs, all the stuff Norm and Will saw today, and the real reason Reese unveiled their latest chocolate and peanut butter confection at CES. Enjoy! (This is an audio version of the live stream from 1/6/2011)

Episode 44 – Welcome to the CESpool – 1/6/201

In the first of our nightly CES podcast/live video streams, Will, Norm, Matt, and pretty much everyone else here talk about the day’s press conferences, including info from LG, Intel, Nvidia, Samsung, Lenovo, Panasonic, and Microsoft. Also, Norm tells a story three times, because the stream kept dropping. (This is the audio-only archive of the 1/5/2010 late night live stream)