Episode 43 – The SARS Mask Cast – 12/30/2010

This week, the gang talks about their holidays, their favorite technologies of the year, and the biggest stories in tech for 2010. All that, plus fake outtakes, CES preparations, Norm and Gary’s gambling problem, and a live unboxing of something kind of awesome on this week’s episode of This is Only a Test. Enjoy!

Episode 41 – Sherlock Holmes That Shit – 12/16/2010

Will, Norm, and Gary talk about silly stuff for an hour, plus Google’s Demoslam, the Nexus S, Mac’s App Store gets dated, the new AMD Radeons, and password security, plus fake outtakes and a whole lot more on this week’s episode of This is Only a Test.

Episode 40 – Beard on the Run – 12/9/2010

TV Quest 2010 continues with the arrival of Gary and Norm’s new TVs, plus we talk about the amazing week of Google–the just-announced Nexus S, the scoop on Gingerbread, and why Will thinks the Chrome app store is kind of dopey. Plus, wild speculation on iPad rumors, and even more fake outtakes.