Episode 38 – Turkey Day Q&A – 11/24/2010

In honor of Thanksgiving in the US, Norm, Gary, and Will sat down to answer all of YOUR questions. That’s right, it’s an all question & answer episode. Want more? The gang also talked turkey about the Samsung Tab, the iOS 4.2 update, Airplay, the Boxee Box, and Thanksgiving traditions. Happy Thanksgiving guys!

Episode 36 – Microsoft Strikes Back – 11/11/2010

This week, Will and Norm are joined by Gary Whitta and Colin Campbell, the co-hosts of one of Will’s favorite podcasts, Game Theory. As you can imagine, we talked a lot about Kinect, Windows Phone 7, the state of gaming (console, casual, phone and motion), CODBLOPS, and all the exciting game industry stuff that’s happened since Game Theory went off-air in 2008.

Episode 35 – The Podcast on the Edge of Tomorrow – 11/4/2010

On this week’s candy-fueled episode, Will and Norm are joined by a special guest to chat about all the crazy hardware we’ve been testing, why there are so many TV streaming boxes on the tested schedule these days, Microsoft’s Kinect, the WDTV, the new MacBook Air, and the problem with Tootsie Rolls. All that, plus your questions answered, and a secret science projects in this week’s show.