Episode 29 – Four People! FOUR! – 9/22/2010

Will, Norm, Ana, and Gary make the ultimate podcast super team in today’s celebration of a super-slow news week. This week, we talk about Minecraft, Civilization 5, Kindle stuff, the HDCP crack, Canadian Netflix, Sony Move, and GPUs. We talk about GPUs kind of a lot. Frankly, probably too much. Bye.

Episode 28 – The Tangent Has a Tangent – 9/16/2010

This week features a rousing discussion on the relative merits of Rez, the iPad 4.2 Beta, the differences between Intel’s Sandy Bridge and AMD’s Fusion, the Internet Explorer 9 beta, our first test flights with the AR QuadraCopter, and the upcoming/out now Twitter.com redesign.

Episode 27 – Before the Big Live Live Show – 9/08/2010

On the eve of the Big Live Live Show: Live, Will, Norm, and Ana sit down to recount the week’s news. We’re talking about all the exciting news from PAX (Duke Nukem Forever!), the Samsung Fascinate, Google’s Instant, and a whole lot more.

Episode 26 – Gary vs. The Reality Distortion Field – 9/1/2010

This week Will, Norm, and Gary talk about the new iPods, the update to AppleTV, iTunes 10 (and Ping), the crazy new Xbox 360 controller, the third-gen Kindle, the T-Mobile G2, Cyanogen 6.0, and a whole lot more, on this week’s episode.