Episode 25 – Goat Prawn – 8/26/2010

Will, Norm, Ana, and Matt sit down to talk tech on this week’s show. Matt goes hands-on with Windows Phone 7, Will rants about Blu-ray load times, Norm wonders what Apple’s going to show on September 1, and Ana talks about treating life like a RPG. All that, plus our first audio reader question, general silliness, a truly awful joke, and a whole lot more, on this week’s episode of This is Only a Test.

Episode 23 – It’s Just Like Solomon – 8/11/2010

Will, Norm, and Gary have another fabulous conversation, where they run down the latest rumors about the next AppleTV, the brand-new Droid 2, why Will’s avoiding the Dell Streak, the current feeling about Microsoft’s Kinect, and a whole lot more. Also, we talk about crazy liquids.

Episode 22 – The Norville Barnes Appreciation Episode – 8/5/2010

This week Will and Norm are joined by Gary Whitta wherein they discuss an absolutely astounding amount of news. Topics include the new Kindle 3, the Blackberry Torch, the increasing sales of Android, how magic the Magic Trackpad really is, cold brewing coffee, Siggraph, some iPod rumors, Froyo updates for old phones, and a whole lot more. PUT THIS IN YOUR EARS.