Episode 9 – Rest in Peace Bill – 4/29/2010

Big happenings in the tech world this week. Norm and Will talk about HP buying Palm, the cancellation of Courier, Steve Jobs’ memo on Flash, the HTC Incredible, Ubuntu 10.04, and Flash acceleration on Mac. All that, plus reader questions and a lot of talk about the MakerBot on this week’s episode of This is Only a Test.

Episode 8 – The Week of 1000 Leaks – 4/22/2010

All sorts of exciting stuff happened this week. Norm and Will talked about a whole lotta leaks. Apple’s next-gen iPhone leaked to Gizmodo, Dell’s next-gen tablets and cell phones leaked to Engadget, and Hulu’s plans for a pay-service leaked to the LA Times. All that, plus listener questions on this week’s This is Only a Test.

Episode 7 – Saved by the Ustream – 4/15/2010

Sorry for the shitty audio quality this week, there was an accident with a time machine, three condoms, and our new podcasting mixer that resulted in stripping the audio from a FLV and editing that to make a podcast. This week, we talk about a ton of stuff that isn’t the iPad, answer reader questions, and eat pie.

Episode 6 – Oops, We Did It Again – 4/8/2010

This week, Norm and Will are joined by special guest, Gary Whitta–editor, screenwriter, and Apple enthusiast–to talk iPad, iPhone OS 4.0, and coffee on an almost exclusively Apple podcast. Despite some technical difficulties that were entirely Will’s fault, the show must go on, and Norm’s audio comes in about 10 minutes into the show. Sorry about that.

Episode 5 – The iPad (Almost) – 4/1/2010

It’s iPad launch week, so naturally we talk about all the awesome stuff we’ve been working on for Tested, including the real reason the Lord of the Ring Blu-ray discs look shitty, the best way to make a single cup of coffee, and yes, the iPad. The first wave of reviews are online, so it’s the first new info we’ve gotten on the unicorn tablet since January 25. All this, on the official podcast of Tested.com.