Episode 4 – Las Vegas Follies – 3/26/2010

It’s CTIA week, so there’s a lot of talk about cellphones, MIDs, and tablets. This week, Norm and Will talk about the Sprint/HTC 4G Android phone, the Joo Joo, Samsung’s latest Android phone, Windows 7 Phone, Netflix on the Wii, America’s Next Top Model, South Park, Adobe’s upcoming CS5 suite, Nintendo’s 3Ds, Microsoft’s Project Natal, and the first leaked iPad apps.

Episode 3 – Taking the Sniffles and Making Them Better

This week, Will and Norm talk about the latest Windows Phone 7 Series details, the Nexus One on Sprint and AT&T, pirates, LCD and LED technology, lossless audio compression, and a whole lot more. Oh, and the Xbox 360’s rumored upcoming support for non-Microsoft USB keys.

Episode 2 – The Over Caffeinated Edition – 3/11/10

This week, Norm and Will talk about the happenings at the Game Developer Conference, OnLive, Nvidia’s Fermi, Intel’s 6-core CPUs, Sony’s motion controller, and Air Video. Also, check out the (very NSFW) in the forums–and linked below in the comments.

Episode 0 – Preview Edition – 3/01/2010

Welcome to Tested.com’s very first podcast. In this episode we talk about what we’ve been doing since departing Maximum PC, podcast time travel, the PS3’s latest Renaissance, and even Norm’s irrational hatred of Starcraft. We also talk about the new site, what our mission is, and why we’re both excited.