Major Changes to Flickr to Begin Rolling Out February 28th

By Norman Chan

The Photo View and Upload pages are getting much-needed redesigns, which Flickr needs to stop the user bleed.

BetaBeat has the scoop on sweeping changes Yahoo will soon be making to its Flickr service. In an interview with Markus Spiering, Flickr's new Senior Product Manager explained that the changes will slowly roll out over the course of 2012, with the first being a redesigned photo view and photo upload system that users will see early next week. Yahoo will not be promoting the changes with a "New Flickr" campaign. It seems like the move is to appease Flickr's current userbase, who are not shy about voicing their problems with the service or jumping ship entirely, when given the chance.

Mr. Spiering declined to name who he thinks Flickr’s top competitors are. “It’s very hard to tell,” he said. “People use it in different ways.” Some upload thousands of photos and never leave a comment; others use the site as a photo database; and others exclusively comment but never upload.

Facebook and Instagram. Both of which have excellent mobile apps, and more importantly, are entirely free.