Chromium GUI Tweaks Improve Tabbed Browsing, Homepage

By Wesley Fenlon

Version 12 of Chrome keeps on truckin' with numerous small GUI changes.

We gasped when a Chrome prototype got rid of the URL bar, but for now Google has plenty of GUI improvements and tweaks in the pipe that promise far more subtle changes to the browsing experience. As Chrome 12 evolves through nightly builds, the Chromium team is dutifully working on UI changes to tabbed browsing and the new tab page, while under the hood modifications to Webkit promise performance enhancements and in-browser PDF print preview support.

Chrome logs don’t say whether this feature is coming to horizontal tabs or not. It would be a better solution than a billion tiny tabs, but we’ll have to wait and see. Like most of Chrome’s experimental features, side tabs can be enabled in the about:flags page.

Windows Chrome has gained a neat little GUI trick from the Mac version with tab label text fading out as it’s eclipsed by the next tab. Two more small changes: You can select multiple tabs with SHIFT/CTRL and Chrome will grab 32x32 pixel favicons if they’re available. The dev team is also working to overhaul the UI implementation of its profile switcher, which you can see below.

Are you a fan of the new changes? Angry scrolling tabs aren't enabled for the classic horizontal layout? Scared of this frightening new tab page?