Sony Believes that Gaming Will Sell You On a 3D TV

By Sam Cook

In a recent interview, a Sony representative discussed how the company is investing in quality 3D game content that can push the technology forward.

What’s the future like for 3D TVs? If you were to ask consumers, you’d find a lot of uncertainty and debate about whether 3D is a passing fad, a niche product for enthusiasts, or the inevitable next step up from HDTV. But pose the same question to a company like Sony, who’s long been on the 3D bandwagon, and you’ll find one resounding opinion: 3D is going to be a big deal in the living room, especially when it comes to gaming.

in a recent interview. Here are the highlights.

3D Is Growing

SCEE studio director Mick Hocking says that “interest in 3D is growing fast.” Of course, “interest” is much more subjective than “adoption rates,” but he’s confident that the 3D market will continue to expand as different forms of media learn about and embrace the technology. Hocking claims that, as creators produce high quality content, it will convince consumers to switch over to 3D televisions.

3D Games in Development

More content is definitely a good thing, but one has to be suspicious of terms like “applying” and “converted.” Surely a game developed for 3D from the ground up is going to make better use of it than a completed game with 3D added in. And right now we have no clear indication how much of Sony’s 3D work is directed at new products, verses patching it into existing title. There’s certainly nothing wrong with putting some dimensional polish on old favorites, but is that going to be the hardware-selling content that Sony’s counting on?

Counting the Cost

If Sony is counting on content to sell consumers on 3D, then they’ve first got to sell content developers on using it. Even if the cost is reasonable, will third parties want to pay it for every title, even the ones that don’t get as much from it? Or will games implement 3D the way movies do now, where only certain releases come out in 3D?

Do you see yourself gaming in 3D within the next few years? What kind of content, and how much, would it take to get you eying a 3D capable screen?    
Image credits: Associated Press, Sony, Gizmodo