CES 2012: QOOQ Tablet Brings a Catalog of French Cooking Into the Kitchen

By Wesley Fenlon

A French company eschews conventional tablet design with a focus on recipes and highly produced cooking videos.

The QOOQ, a tablet dedicated to cooking, cooking, and more cooking, offers a refreshing change from the endlessly samey sea of shiny black Android slates. French company QOOQ tossed out that design trend and went for a body that looks at home in the kitchen. Despite being thicker than the average tablet, the QOOQ's fire engine red body and shiny metal feet are charming and built to take a little abuse during the cooking process.

At CES, QOOQ had a new dual-core version of its tablet to show off. And it was in English! QOOQ sells content, first and foremost, and the second-gen tablet will be bringing the company's library of 1200 culinary walkthroughs and 3500 recipes to the US.

When the QOOQ tablet was released in France, its recipes and videos were naturally in French. Now that content's being translated for an English release, which means a decent selection of the recipes come with HD video walkthroughs from a range of 100 French chefs.

The QOOQ's interface makes navigation as perfectly user-friendly as it should be. Search sits right on the home screen, but it's easy to tap through the responsive menus to find a French recipe for poultry or fish or dessert. QOOQ's layout puts gorgeous photographs front and center for each recipe. If you have the skills or the desire to hone your French culinary skills, the QOOQ's recipe pages will have you drooling in seconds.

At $400, the QOOQ's pricey for a niche tablet. Really, you're shelling out for unique and highly produced content that just happens to come on a colorful tablet. All of QOOQ's recipes and videos will be available up front, and more can be downloaded to the tablet after purchase for a subscriptions fee. Can't afford the down payment for the tablet? QOOQ will have subscriptions passes for accessing the content online.