Everything You Need to Know about The Nook Tablet

By Wesley Fenlon

The Nook Tablet beefs up the Nook Color's innards with a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. At $250, the Nook looks very, very similar to Amazon's Kindle Fire.

The Nook Tablet's official, and almost every single bit of information gleaned from last week's leak was accurate. The Nook Tablet's dual-core processor runs at 1GHz--not the speculated 1.2GHz--but everything else lines up, including its 16GB of internal storage and microSD slot, 1GB of RAM and 7-inch 1024x600 IPS display. As everyone interested in the Kindle Fire knows, these devices are damn similar. They're virtually the same size and weight, but Barnes & Noble's doubled down on memory and storage (plus offered an expandable option) and upped the price to $250.

Even the launch windows are the same: pre-orders are already active, and the tablet should be available on November 18. The Fire launches November 15. With the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire sharing such similar hardware, the choice will, as usual, come down to content. While Amazon pushes a total integration of its own cloud-based services, Nook has a couple things to hype as well: Netflix and Hulu Plus support for the Tablet in the form of pre-loaded apps.

Where the Kindle Fire has Amazon's own Instant Video service, Barnes & Noble will be offering access to the two largest video streaming content libraries on the web. That doesn't change the fact that these are both locked-down devices: neither is running a current version of Android or really allows access to the OS itself or the marketplace. They're heavily skinned, though Amazon has its own version of the Android App Store and Barnes & Noble offers a more limited curated selection.

Like the Nook Color before it (which has dropped in price to $200), the Nook Tablet may prove appealing to Android hackers looking for a cheap tablet to root and flash with the stock Android experience. Its extra RAM and storage will come in handy once its freed from the confines of the Nook skin.