oStylus Makes a Case for a $40 Touchscreen Stylus

By Wesley Fenlon

If you feel like spending almost $40 on this specialized capacitive touchscreen stylus, you're guaranteed to have the fanciest one on the block.

Who uses a stylus on a capacitive display? There must be a few of you out there, because the oStylus exists, and its creators clearly hope someone will buy it. As if building a stylus for a capacitive touchscreen wasn’t niche enough, the oStylus adds an extra layer of weirdness onto its design--rather than coming to a point like a traditional pen stylus, the head of the oStylus looks like a washer. Its hollow center is meant to solve the problem of a stylus obscuring whatever it is you’re drawing.

Perhaps this is a problem iPad artists actually face--in that case, the oStylus might seem kind of attractive. Too bad its stainless steel, aluminum and titanium frame reminds us of some nightmarish dental tool starring in an infomercial. We can see it now: Is your regular stylus just too hard to use? Switch to the oStylus now for only $37.50! That’s right, the oStylus is selling at half of its original price


Image credit: oStylus