Spotify Launches Free Plans for Smartphones and Tablets

By Wesley Fenlon

Free Spotify on tablets mimics the web experience, but the smartphone app is limited to shuffling artists and playlists.

Spotify announced a new way to listen to its garishly obnoxious advertising on Wednesday--free Spotify is coming to Android and iOS! The good news, of course, is that millions of songs are now free on tablets and smartphones, which have previously been limited to paid versions of the Spotify service. Spotify users who don't mind listening to radio ads can download the Spotify apps on iOS and Android to get at the vast musical library, which now contains Led Zeppelin's discography.

The new free versions of Spotify on tablets and smartphones are not identical, however. Tablet users get the same features as the desktop app, because Spotify says "tablets are becoming the new desktops." That means searching through entire artist libraries, building playlists, yada yada.

Mobile smartphone users who download Spotify for free receive a more limited interface. Spotify calls it shuffle play. You can play any music saved to your playlists, or the playlists of people you follow using Spotify's social features. You can also shuffle the libraries of artists and listen to their entire discographies that way. But there's no selective playing or searching for specific albums or songs. If you're listening on mobile, you'll do it in shuffle mode.

The premium version of Spotify costs $10 per month. Premium subscribers ditch the audio ads and can download songs for offline listening, which is especially handy for mobile users who don't always have enough bandwidth for steady streaming.