Three New Motorola Droid Phones, Still No Moto X

By Norman Chan

And Motorola ditches the RAZR branding.

Motorola's next flagship phone, the Moto X, hasn't been announced yet, but its leaked photos and details are already overshadowing new Motorola phones announced today. Verizon showed off three new Droid phones--the $100 Droid Mini, $200 Droid Ultra, and $300 Droid Maxx (on two-year contract). The LTE phones just vary in size--the Mini has a 4.3-inch 720p screen, the Ultra has a 5-inch 720p screen, and the Maxx is thicker to hold a larger 3,500mAh sealed battery that Motorola says will last 48 hours of use. Motorola is also making a big deal out of the new SoC in these phones, which is a dual-core CPU with four graphics cores and other specialty hardware for natural language processing. They're available for pre-order today and will ship at the end of August.