Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb

By Norman Chan

$60 plus tax and shipping, ships in less than a week.

Now that Google's Nexus 4 phone is back in stock on the Play store, the wireless charging dock that was announced along with the Nexus 4 back in October is also now available for purchase. The Palm-Touchstone-like charger is sells for $60 and totals to just over $71 with tax and shipping (in California). I've got one on order to test with the Nexus 4 I'm currently using, and we'll discuss both with the impending review. The dock theoretically charges a Nexus 4 in four hours, and allows the phone to display specific ambient information when docked, such as photos or a news feed. Google has said that the charger uses the Qi wireless charging standard, which some users have complained for inconsistent performance in chargers like Nokia's Lumia charging pads.

Regarding the Nexus 4 though, I'm liking it a lot, both from a hardware design standpoint and the Android 4.2 usability experience. For certain, it's changed the subtle ways I use a smartphone on a minute to minute basis. The lack of LTE sticks out in the Bay Area, but I can understand why that point is moot for people living in different coverage zones. I've also dropped it twice (on both the front and back) and the glass has not shattered. More thoughts with the final review.