AppToyz Leveraging iPhone for Remote Control Vehicles

By Wesley Fenlon

Somehow touchscreens inject remote control vehicles with a newfound sense of entertainment.

Remember those craptastic toy car remotes that looked like guns? The good remote control cars would come with a totally solid dual joystick interface, but some consisted of nothing more than a trigger and an awkward miniature wheel. We’re glad technology has moved past that stage: iPhone-controlled vehicles are the new hotness, and AppToyz has a mini helicopter and car in the pipe right now scheduled for a spring release.

hijack the mini stereo port for its RC control add-on.

AR.Drone quadrocopter, but that’s forgivable given the price difference. As you can see in the video below, the little helicopter has quite a bit of get-up-and-go. 
 Somehow touch controls seem to make remote control cars more glamorous--maybe we were indoctrinated by James Bond before the technology was truly possible. If you’ve already got an iPhone or iPod touch lying around, AppToyz hopes to lure you with its RC robot and helicopter this spring. The company promises more Toyz later in the year.
Images via Pocketlint