Microsoft Partners with Time Warner for Live TV on Xbox 360

By Norman Chan

Still not cutting any cords.

Microsoft announced today a deal with Time Warner Cable to bring an app to the Xbox 360 that would let TWC subscribers stream 300 cable channels through their Xbox. While this doesn't make the Xbox 360 a cable box, Xbox Live Gold and TWC subscribers will be able to bypass their cable box using their 360 to stream live video over their existing internet connection. TWC also says its app will deliver on-demand video--like Comcast's Xfinity app already does--later this year. From my experience, cable service video streamed through Xbox apps are lower bitrate than the ones piped directly to the cable box-- for example, HBO Go vs. HBO over cable. Microsoft has not said whether this deal applies to the Xbox One, but used the press release to remind us that their next-gen console has HDMI pass-through to switch between live tv and gaming.