In Brief: Waypoint Navigation for DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

By Norman Chan

Now it's really a drone.

Our DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ got a pretty substantial upgrade this morning with the release of the new Vision controller app. The update grants the quadcopter GPS waypoint navigation, meaning you can pre-program a sequence of up to 16 waypoints on a satellite map for the quad to fly before returning home. That kind of autonomous flight is what makes the Vision+ really a drone. It's a feature that had previously been available to the Phantom 2, but required a separate Ground Station accessory that paired with the quad over bluetooth. There are a few restrictions--waypoint-based flights are restricted to a 1640 feet radius (500 meters) from the pilot, altitude is capped at 656 feet, and flights can't exceed 3.1 total miles. The app will also let users know if there isn't enough expected battery life remaining to complete a flight. The video below explains how the ground station feature in the updated DJI Vision apps works. We'll be testing it in a future video!

Next up for testing--live streaming from the Phantom!