Darpa's Cheetah Bot Sets Speed Record for Robotic Running [Video]

By Norman Chan

Watch this Darpa-developed robot run on a treadmill at 18mph. It's mesmerizing.

Boston Dynamics, the company behind the Alphadog robot, has just released a video of its new Cheetah robot that it produced for Darpa. The robot is able to achieve a sustained running speed of 18mph, besting the previous land speed record for robots--13.1mph--which was set in 1989. Boston Dynamics hopes that its robot will eventually be able to reach speeds exceeding 60mph. Wired's Danger Room blog notes that Usain Bolt, the world record holder for the 100 meter sprint, topped out at 28mph in his record-breaking run.

The Cheetah isn't the first running robot designed to mimic the movements of a fast land animal. Darpa's FastRunner, developed in collaboration with MIT, is modelled on an ostrich's physique. Watch the video of the Cheetah below.