In Brief: Amazing Photos of Collectible Toys

By Norman Chan

What sixth-scale figures in their spare time.

Wired has a short story about the work of Russian photographer Vse Ok, whose photographs of sixth-scale collectible figures on Tumblr have been my favorite thing this whole week. The photographer, whose real name isn't disclosed, poses his figures for a series of well-composed photos that tell a narrative, whether it's a Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman figure being a hero or the mischief of Jack Nicholson Batman 1989 figure. It reminds me of filmmaker Patrick Boivin's stop-motion animation work, but in still photography form. It doesn't hurt that Vse Ok's photos are gorgeous compositions themselves, and I really appreciate his approach to putting these figures in the real world. Collective toy photography is a really popular niche--I've talked about two books on toy photography before--and there are communities of photographers who make a hobby out of photographing these figures. OneSixOMG is one I follow. The sixth-scale size (12-inches) for these figures, along with their mobility and high-fidelity paint jobs, really lends itself for photographing in the context of full-scale environments. And for the truly ambitious, there's even high-end sixth scale furniture (pricey!) replicas to use for staging.