GoPro Updates Hero 3 Black, Silver Editions

By Norman Chan

Smaller, lighter, and a new camera lens.

We liked the GoPro HD Hero 3 action cam when we tested it at the beginning of the year, but have been less reliant on it since then. There was a whole debacle with the Hero 3 Black Edition corrupting SanDisk microSD cards (ours included), and we never found enough reasons to shoot in 4K (15fps) or even 2.7k (30fps) resolutions for our production workflow. We still use the more reliable Hero 2 for shooting podcast video--the $400 Hero 3 isn't necessary for most people. And now there's the Hero 3+, an upgrade to GoPro's flagship camera that's slightly smaller (ie. requires a new housing), has a larger capacity battery, and is equipped with a new f/2.8 lens. A new Silver Edition gets the new battery and can also shoot have higher framerates. Gizmodo got early access to the cameras and have a hands-on report. One factor we care about that's not mentioned: whether these models overheat as easily as the previous generation.