Raspberry Pi's Camera Module

By Norman Chan

$25 price would make it a premium feature for the $35 board.

In today's podcast, one of the topics that came up was the Raspberry Pi, the low-cost computing system that we've been tinkering with for the past few months. For $35, it's an affordable system for rigging up all sorts of projects, ranging from audio and video streaming for the living room to voice-controlled home automation. Its numerous I/O options grant it a wealth of applications. One thing it doesn't have is a camera module, which the Raspberry Pi organization has been teasing since last May. That was a 14-megapixel prototype, which has been reduced to 5 megapixels to be more affordable--though other technical details are sparse. The hardware is final, but it'll be at least another month before the camera is ready for release. Expected price is $25.