Canon's Minimal PowerShot N

By Norman Chan

A different kind of point and shoot.

Here's an interesting way to revive a waning point-and-shoot business. Instead of packing a larger sensor in a compact body (like Sony's RX100) or going with interchangeable lenses, Canon's $300 PowerShot N takes a cue from the GoPro Hero cameras with its ultra portable (and mountable) design. Its body is 1-inch thick, which includes a 2.8-inch articulating LCD. The only button on the camera is the on/off toggle; shutter and zoom are activated with rings around the 28mm f/3 lens. The idea is that you can orient it in any position and mount it anywhere. It still snaps photos with a standard point-and-shoot CMOS sensor, but that still compares favorably to what's in a GoPro.