How Canon 6D's Built-in Wi-Fi Remote App Works

By Norman Chan

Thorough demo of the EOS remote app for the Canon 6D that's being released in December.

Image Resource posted this informative demo of Canon USA's Chuck Westfall demoing the EOS Android app to control shooting and image previewing on Canon's upcoming 6D full-frame camera. The 6D, which is launching at an MSRP of $2100, is Canon's first DSLR with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Previous Canon cameras required an expensive Wi-Fi add-on pack for remote control.

The EOS app's two modes--one for shooting and one for playback--look very useful. Remote shooting allows you to adjust manual settings like aperture and ISO, but also change focus points with the touch-screen. Like the GoPro BacPac we just reviewed, Canon's remote app connects over a Wi-Fi hotspot hosted by the camera, though the demo didn't show as much latency in the live view as we've experienced with the GoPro. Playback mode lets you review a jpeg preview of photos, as well as transfer an automatically resized 1920x1280 image to your smartphone. Android and iOS versions of the app are expected to be available at the time of the camera's launch.