Nokia Explains the Making of its 41MP PureView Camera

By Norman Chan

The making of Nokia's upcoming 808 phone, shot with the phone itself.

This promo video from Nokia does a good job getting me interested in the PureView camera technology in its upcoming Nokia 808 phone. The Finnish phone maker put its hardware and software engineers front and center to explain the development history of PureView, how the sensor differs from traditional cameraphone design, and what the photo-taking experience will be like on the 808. While it's impossible to gauge the quality of the photographs from a YouTube video, the video footage itself is claimed to be shot with a Nokia 808 and looks as good or better than any footage I've shot with the iPhone 4S.

The Symbian-based 808 PureView phone launched internationally this month, and Nokia is looking for ways to sell an unlocked version of the phone stateside.