CES 2012: Tamaggo Camera Shoots Easy 360 Degree Panoramas

By Wesley Fenlon

Tamaggo's 14MP camera simplifies panoramic photography for the masses.

The Kickstarter community loves panoramic iPhone camera attachments, as evidenced by the GoPano and Kogeto Dot, but is there room for a panoramic camera in the general point-and-shoot market? Camera company Tamaggo is banking on the answer being yes with the Tamaggo 360-Imager, an egg-shaped camera that specializes in capturing panoramic photographs without the mess of stitching together half a dozen shots.

Unlike those iPhone attachments, the Tamaggo is a picture-only panoramic camera, but it goes above and beyond on image quality with a 14 megapixel sensor.

Tamaggo's 360-Imager resembles an egg, with a grippy rubber bulge in the center, a 2-inch touchscreen on the bottom and a panoramic lens on top. The camera uses an image sensor to detect its orientation and switch between three panorama modes. Standing upright, the Tamaggo captures a classic sky-to-ground 360 degree image. Held horizontally, it shoots a wide horizontal panorama, and turned on its side it captures a vertical panorama for tall skyscraper shots.

To appeal to the point-and-shoot market, Tamaggo made picture-taking a one-click process that requires no focusing. The camera comes with free software, but pictures can just as easily be dumped off via mini USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. They're editable after shooting like any other photos, but the experience of panning around a 360 degree shot is a little cooler than your standard crop.

Tamaggo plans to launch in Q2 for "under $200," which basically means $199. Too steep for still panoramas? Later models will add video capabilities to the oblong camera.