CES 2012: Life-Phorm Brings the Scary to Adjustable Camera Mounts

By Wesley Fenlon

The Life-Phorm stands up under 22 pounds of DSLR, smartphone or tablet weight thanks to six adjustable legs.

Phone and camera mounts litter the aisles of CES, but few of them look like they're ready to go into battle in a futuristic war movie. The Life-Phorm quite literally looks like it could eat (or demolish) every other mount on the market--maybe even the mighty Gorillapod.

The crab-like camera mount, or "positioning device" as creators Lethal Protection call it, puts flexibility and and strength above all else. Lethal Protection engineered its original Life-Phorm Pro design from aluminum and carbon fiber and rated it to hold 22 pounds; more importantly, its adjustable clamp can hold onto anything from a DSLR to an iPad. Here's how that works.

The Life-Phorm's tray slides open wide enough to grasp an iPad by the edges and slides in tight enough to fit any smartphone you have in your pocket. Neither device comes close to maxing out the Life-Phorm's weight threshold, and even a DSLR with a telephoto lens would be safe. The mount's creator said he's successfully tested the device loaded down with 35 pounds, but 22 pounds is the guaranteed weight allowance.

Each of the Life-Phorm's six legs is triple-jointed, hooked on the end and individually adjustable with a screwdriver. The Life-Phorm seems born to hang upside-down or grip onto some awkward surface, but it can just as easily sit flat or prop a tablet up at an angle for watching a movie.

The Life-Phorm Pro currently costs $150 due to its CNC production, but a $60 plastic version is en route to manufacturing for an April release. Lethal Protection aims to have the strength allowance of the new plastic Life-Phorm up to par with the Pro.