In Brief: iFixit Tears Down Valve's Steam Machine Prototype

By Norman Chan

Only one in 300.

We've had a ton of fun these past two weeks going through gadget teardowns with iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens (with a few more to come later this month!). Kyle and his team have perfected the art of the product teardown, and it's important to understand why iFixit dissembles products. They want users to understand that products can be repaired instead of replaced, and to think about the environmental footprint of the devices they're buying. Anyway, iFixit has scored one of the rare 300 Steam Machine prototypes and performed a thorough teardown of the box, including the unique gamepad. They find a neatly and tightly packed mini-ITX system with an Nvidia GTX 780, attached to the motherboard via a Silverstone PCI-E riser card. Being basically a custom-built PC, it got a 9/10 repairability rating. iFixit also specced out the components inside this Steam Machine. Aside from the proprietary controller, the rest of the parts totaled to $1300, a reasonable price for a mid-range gaming PC.