In Brief: Valve Releases SteamOS Beta

By Norman Chan

While 300 beta testers get Steam Machine systems.

Catching up on a bit of news from last week while we were out of the office. On Friday, Valve released the first beta of its SteamOS, the Linux-based operating system that will run on Steam Machines that Valve and its hardware partners want PC gamers to play from their living rooms. If you want to test SteamOS out, Valve has posted its minimum system requirements and step-by-step installation instructions here. ArsTechnica has a good guide as well to installing SteamOS. The most notable requirements are a UEFI-supported motherboard and an Nvidia graphics card, though AMD and Intel GPU support is coming. What you won't get from building your own Steam Machine (as we'll be doing in the new year) is Valve's proprietary Steam Machine controller. That's exclusive to the 300 beta winners who are now just getting their test systems. You can see those boxes being assembled here, and first unboxing photos from Reddit user colbehr here. Nice shipping crate.