4K Monitor vs. 4 GeForce GTX Titans

By Norman Chan

The monitor comes out on top.

Benchmarking video cards can be an arduous exercise, but Ian Cutress at Anandtech was probably tickled pink at the opportunity to test gaming performance on a new Sharp 4K monitor. While at Computex, Cutress not only had acesss to this 3840x2160 display, but was able to benchmark it with an overclocked Haswell system and a variety of GPU configurations--including quad-GTX Titans (the best consumer setup you can buy today). So how does a $5000+ gaming PC fare against the likes of Metro 2033, Dirt 3, and Sleeping Dogs, all maxed out? Not as great as you'd think. Sleeping Dogs, for example, could barely muster 60FPS with the quad-Titan setup, while a single Titan cranked out a mere 13FPS at native 4K res. Click through for the rest of the benchmarks, including Cutress' insights on why 60Hz 4K panels are going to matter more for next-gen PC gaming.