Manufacturing Insights for Apple's New Mac Pro

By Norman Chan

High-precision machining, polishing, and assembly are just a few of the steps required to make one of Apple's new computer.

Greg Koening, a product designer based in Portland, Oregon, provides insightful commentary gleaned from watching Apple's new video showing the making (different from assembly) of the parts for the new cylindrical Mac Pro computer. In his scene-by-scene analysis, Koeing calls out manufacturing techniques like hydraulic deep draw stamping to create the aluminum enclosure's shape (a process used to create fire extinguishers and scuba air tanks) and CNC robotic polishing that's the same technology used in high-volume knife production. Not only are the processes explained in detail, but Koeing identifies specific machine parts and company names to call out the efficiencies of each system. It's far more educational than an episode of "How It's Made." Apple's Mac Pro making-of video is embedded below.