Apple Fall Event 2010 Discussion Thread: iPods and AppleTV

By Norman Chan

Discuss Apple's Fall Event announcements here!

Apple is just about ready to unleash this year's iPod updates at their Fall Event press conference in San Francisco. Buzz about a revamped Apple TV, iTunes streaming, and a radically redesigned iPod Nano are the leading rumors, and we'll have all the details as they go live in the post below. Apple is also streaming this event live-- the first time they've done so for any product announcement in years -- apparently to test the capabilities of a massive new server farm (in anticipation of a a future streaming iTunes feature, perhaps?) . The sure-to-be-hammered feed will be available on beginning 10AM PDT for Mac and iOS only.


iOS 4.1

Game Center finally out. Achievements, friends lists, etc.
Epic Game Demo: Project Sword. Fantasy RPG using Unreal Engine 3. Out this holiday. 
- Epic Citadel just popped up in the App Store.
Out next week for iPod and iPhone, free download over iTunes

iOS 4.2 Preview

iPad update
AirTunes renamed AirPlay: Streaming audio, video, and photos over Wi-Fi
Out in November! Free update for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


All new design for every model of iPod

iPod Shuffle

4th gen. Users missed the buttons of the second gen, so they're back. Smaller than the second gen. Buttons + voice over + playlists. Welcome return of the 2nd gen shape. Black navigation ring. Genius mixes added. 15 hours of music. Comes in five different colors.

iPod Nano (Full recap and analysis here)

"Smaller and better." Just a screen! No buttons. Multi-touch-based.  
Also has a clip, like the Shuffle. About the size of the shuffle (looks like the rumored 1.7 inches). Actually, a little bigger than shuffle (about 20%).
24 hours of battery life. 
Four icons fit on the home screen. Music, photos, clock, radio, podcasts, fitness. Customizable front page. Can add icons like albums, songs, genres, composers, etc.
Interface looks like iOS.
Swipe controls look easy to use. on-screen buttons pop up too.
Screen orients itself (accelerometer inside?) depending on how you hold/clip it. 
Comes in the same four colors as the shuffle + Product (RED) and graphite.
8GB ($150) and 16GB ($180)

iPod Touch (Full recap and analysis here)

Steve Jobs says it's the most popular portable game player in the world...
Even thinner than last model. same 30 pin connector. Doesn't look like there's a steel band around it. Still has the all-metal backing.
Hardware features
  • Retina Display. 24-bit color. LED. 
  • Apple A4 Chip
  • 3-axis Gyro
  • iOS 4.1 with Game Center
  • FaceTime with front camera. 
  • Rear camera with HD video recording
40 hours of music playback
8GB at $229, 32GB at $299, 64 at $399
No word about the iPod Classic. Is it dead, or just not updated?

iTunes 10

New logo for iTunes. No more CD in the logo. 
Interface is slightly changed, though looks mostly the same from the demo screenshots. 
Discovery is the new big thing. Announcing "Ping". Social network for music. A twitter/facebook like feed for music activity. Friends and follows. Your profile will have a custom top 10 chart that your friends can follow.  
Each artist will have their own page. You can follow them, too.
Can be as public or private as your want. You can create a "Circle of friends" so no one else can follow you.
Ping is on iTunes, iPod Touch, and iPhone.
iTunes 10 is available today.

Apple TV

First, what users want from Apple TV. Users want movies and TV shows on Apple TV. Professional content, not "amateur content". Is that a knock against Youtube video? Users want HD content, lower prices, and they "don't want a computer".  Stream, not sync. 

New Apple TV is a fourth the size of the original Apple TV. It's all black.  REALLY small.
Power, HDMI, and Ethernet ports. 802.11n Wi-Fi also included. 
Tall aluminum remote.  
HD video (assuming 720p, since 1080p wasn't specified)
All rentals, no purchases. Content is never permanently stored on Apple TV.  
Ok, on to the pricing: 
$4.99 for first run HD movies, the day and date they come out on DVD. About the same price as Blockbuster.
99c to rent HD TV shows, commercial free. 
Not all the Studios will be involved. ABC and FOX only first. No NBC, Time Warner, or Cable networks. 
Netflix streaming built-in. Not a separate app. 
YouTube streaming for video, too. 
Photos for MobileMe or Flickr. 
Stream music, photos, and video from iTunes on a Mac or PC. Aside from the rentals, not sure why this is better than using an old MacBook as a media streamer with Boxee or Plex.
Streaming from iPad is pretty neat. Buy on iPad, stream to AppleTV and not lose your place.
Price is $99, as rumored. Available in September (in about 4 weeks). Pre-order begins today.